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Our Story


To be anchored means to keep hold or be firmly fixed. In the middle of life’s storms we can choose to be rooted in the truth that God will never leave us or forsake us, or we can choose to be swayed and hurled every which way into the midst of the sea. Anchored x Truth exists as an answer to the question, “What are you anchored in?” Sometimes as believers, we can know that we should be steadfast, unmovable, and as solid as a house built on the rock, but we can inevitably take our eyes off of his Word as we endure the many trials that come our way. When God told Moses to journey into Egypt and complete the task set before him, He gave Moses the staff as a reminder of His encounter with God. Whenever Moses forgot about what God told him he could cling onto that physical symbol as a reminder of God’s word and promise over His life. Our creations are crafted to be a symbolic reminder of God’s Word and promises in your life. Proverbs 6:21 speaks on keeping the Word in your heart and tying it around your neck. So this is my Holy Spirit led project, meant to be used as another weapon in the fight of faith. Every piece created is to be worn with intention, intentions on feeding your spirit and reminding your soul who is in charge, and what you are firmly fixed in. Live a life anchored in truth and rooted in Christ. 
I love you my dearest brothers and sisters in Christ.
Zalandria P.



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